Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Destination Green One Size Pocket Nappy Review & Giveaway!

Well this review has been a while in coming, but I've had a great chance to try out this nappy on both my girls, and must say, I really like it!...  And what's more, Emma from Destination Green has kindly sent me an extra nappy to give away to one lucky person!... but more about that later - first let me tell you about this awesome nappy!

One Size Pocket nappy with 3 (snap up) size settings

PUL outer with micro suede lining
Elasticised pocket opening
2 rows of  snaps on wings for separate leg and waist adjustment
2 boosters included: 3 layer bamboo terry & 3 microfibre.
Cute prints

First Impressions:
Upon first inspection the nappy looks well made and durable, as well as very cute.  The PUL layer is single rather than sandwich PUL, but since its hidden away in the pocket it shouldn't see much wear and tear. I like microsuede as a lining as it is thin and light but also seems to repel stains better than microfleece.  The boosters are thick and soft but not bulky. 

Size/ Fit:  

Destination Green Pocket Cloth Nappy
Cha Cha at 9 months
Average length - about 1/2 way between a Bum Genius (long) and a China Cheapie (short)
The smallest size setting and overlapping snaps will allow it to fit a small bub and it still fit My chubby Lou Lou nicely at 2 1/2. :)
The best part about it though?  Separate hip and waist snaps!  This means that it will easily fit bubs off all shapes and sizes and is a definite advantage!

I was unsure how it would go for absorbency having only 2 long boosters, but it was fine for Lou lou during the day both when she was awake and during nap time.  I was less confident when trying it on my heavy wetting Cha Cha, as she was using a 2 layer bamboo trifold and long bamboo booster inside a double gussetted cover at the time, but it stood up to the test and worked well for day time; not so much for naps.  I did mostly use it as a lay in system on ChaCha, just for peace of mind, and it worked well like that, while other pockets were not so effective.  The separate hips snaps meant I could get a really good fit around the legs to keeps her "floods" in long enough for the bamboo to soak them up ;)

Washing/ Drying Time:
Being a pocket nappy, it comes apart easily for washing.  Both boosters dry in a reasonable time - 1/2 day in the sun or full day inside.

I've been pleasantly surprised by this nappy.  It comes across as a fairly standard pocket nappy, but I really like the separate leg & waist snaps and the 2 boosters stay nice and squishy when wet, unlike flat bamboo boosters - even my husband commented on it!

Here's your chance to get your hands on this cute nappy!
The winner will be drawn at 12pm on March 21st and notified by email.
Best of luck!

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Natalie said...

My favourite feature in a nappy is bamboo! I did the whole 'nod head in agreement' thing as I read where you wrote about needing to get a good fit around the legs to keeps the "floods" in to get soaked up - I completely empathise with you there!! We have to have immediate absorption too or we have a perfectly dry nappy - and wet sheets/car seat/clothes etc.. bamboo rocks!

Jessie Hay said...

The most important thing to me is that it does its job- there is nothing worse than a nappy that leaks because it isn't absorbent enough or doesn't fit right. I need a nappy that is reliable!

Anonymous said...

That it does what it is supposed to do without leaking! :-) Darya

Anonymous said...

SASHA That they protect my baby's tender skin down there!

Belinda said...

My most important feature is that they are very adjustable. My little man has quite a pot belly and large thunder thighs so it can be difficult to get a good fit round his tummy and as he is a tummy sleeper, there are some nappies that I just can not adjust to stop a tummy leak during sleep time

Nadine Kurtz said...

Quick absorbency is a must for us, as our DS has what I call power pees!!

Kerilyn said...

New to nappies (baby not born yet) but doing lots of research on cloth (and MCNs). Excited to find an Australian writing about them :)
I like the idea of using bamboo, as it is soft and has anti-bacterial properties (am a big fan of bamboo in clothes).

Stephanie Veljanovska said...

Comfort and keeping my baby dry is most important to me.

New Age Nappies said...

What a great review, you have mentioned everything about this nappy. Great clear pictures too.

Bumpy Buns said...

Thanks everyone for your comments! I completely agree that absorbency and adjustability are vital to a good nappy!

Bumpy Buns said...

Thanks, Kerilyn! Hopefully I can get a few more helpful reviews up before your bub is born :)

New Age Nappies said...

What a fantastic review. I love nappies that have the adjustable poppers.

Cheeky Bug said...

Great review. I really enjoyed reading your opinion on the DG nappies.

Bumpy Buns said...

Thanks @New Age Nappies & @Cheeky Bug I'm glad you liked the review! Hoping to get more up soon :)

Alden Smith said...

Really...my name is M Kelly, my most vital peculiarity is that they are exceptionally movable. My cute boy has very much a pot paunch and substantial thunder thighs so it can be hard to get a decent fit round his tummy and as he is a tummy sleeper, there are a few nappies that I simply cannot change in accordance with stop a tummy hole amid slumber time. Normally, my favorite brand in cloth nappies is Bubeez which offered great comfortable nappies and Nappy liners.